Starter Menu

Greek dips         £4.95
Trio of Village dips, taramosalata, houmous and tzatziki. Served with warm pita bread

(V) Gigantes  (GF)         £4.95
Giant Greek butter beans baked with tomatoes, spring onions and dill

Dips to share          £8.95
All the above dips plus melinzanosalata (aubergine), sweet red pepper cheese and tunasalata. Served with pita bread.

(V) Tiropitakia         £5.50
Crispy filo pastry triangles filled with soft Greek feta cheese. Served with a refreshing tomato and yogurt salad.

Dolmades         £5.65
Vine leaves filled with minced lamb, rice, onion and fresh herbs cooked in a red wine sauce

(V) Haloumi (GF)         £5.95
Cyprus soft cheese, charcoal grilled and served with honey caramelised red onions, accompanied by our own sweet mango chutney.

Pastrouma Souvlaki         £5.25
Spicy Greek chorizo sausage, charcoal grilled and with a lemon and Cumberland dressing.

Souzoukakia        £5.50
Lamb meatballs cooked in red wine garlic, fresh herbs and tomato sauce

Chicken livers (GF)         £4.95
Chicken livers pan fried and served with a salad of mixed leaves, grapes and crispy bacon. Drizzled with balsamic dressing.

Maridaki         £5.65
Devilled and deep fried whitebait. Served with a wild roquette and caper mayo dip.

Fishcake          £4.95
Haddock and spring onion blended with mashed potato, flour dusted and flash fried. served with roasted pepper, tomato and coriander salsa

Kalamari          £6.25
Calamari strips lightly dusted in fine breadcrumbs and deep fried. Served with lime, fresh coriander and Greek yogurt dip.

Scallops (GF)          £7.95
Seared Scallops, served with chilli and garlic oil, garnished with sun blush tomatoes, sweet picante pepper & roquette salad.

Octapodi                     £6.95
Charcoal grilled octopus with olive oil.  Served with a spicy pastrouma (chorizo)  houmous dip

Tiger Prawns (GF)           £7.95
Tiger Prawns butterfly, charcoal grilled and served with garlic butter and herb sauce.