Main Course Menu

Mousaka                   £11.95
Layers of minced lamb, aubergine, courgette and potato topped with béchamel sauce and individually baked. Served with Greek salad

Brizola Hirini               £11.95
Charcoal grilled Pork loin chop (free range Gloucester black spot). Served with thyme roasted Mediterranean vegetables and chips.

Beef Stifado           £14.95
A casserole of tender pieces of beef cooked slowly in a red wine, tomato, shallots and baby onion sauce. Topped with melting cheddar cheese and served with chips.

(V) Brie wellington              £11.95
Sautéed mushrooms, cranberries, spinach, hazelnuts, topped with brie and encased in puff pastry. Served with a green bean, baby potatoes and mixed leaf salad.

Souvla (limited availability)         £15.95
Chunk of Lamb tenderised in our special marinade and slow roasted over charcoal embers. Served with a roquette and sun dried tomato salad, and chips.

Kleftiko                   £15.95
Traditional Greek dish of tender lamb on the bone oven cooked for many hours  with oregano, garlic and lemon juice. Served with Greek salad or baby potatoes.

Chicken Souvlaki                     £12.95
Charcoal grilled tender pieces of chicken on a skewer. Served with a choice of  potato mash and jus, Greek salad or chips.

Pork ribs rack                     £13.95
Pork ribs in a sweet and spicy marinade, charcoal grilled and served with a fiery tomato sauce, onion rings and chips.

Fillet steak                        £20.95
Fillet cooked to your liking and served with baby tomatoes, mushroom, chips and a creamy green peppercorn sauce.

Mixed Grill                   £17.95
Charcoal grilled lamb, pork souvlaki, chicken souvlaki and Greek sausage. Served with grilled Medeteranean  vegetables, tomato, mushroom and chips.

Seabass Fillets                          £14.95
Seabass fillets dusted with sesame seeds and pan fried in olive oil. Served on a bed of provençal vegetables, and with pesto sauce.

Seabream                             £15.95
Whole large Seabream grilled on charcoal simply with olive oil and lemon juice. Served with a choice of Greek salad or fries

Meze: Greek Feast, Traditional Greek way of eating.
A selection of starter dishes including dips, kalamaria, dolmadakia,
sausages, halloumi cheese, salad, and various fish and meat to follow
£21.00 per person (minimum order for 2 persons)